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Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 5:30pm

Electrical Workers Minority Caucus
IBEW Local 48


5:30pm - 7:00pm


Executive Board Room


EWMC Portland Chapter
503-256-4848 x270

Meeting date / time change... 2nd Tuesdays, 5:30 -7:00pm, Ex Board Room

Electrical Workers Minority Caucus' Mission

  • To promote equal opportunity and employment for minorities at all levels of the IBEW structure;
  • To foster leadership development and empower minorities to become active participants and leaders in the IBEW;
  • To assist IBEW minority members who have discrimination complaints;
  • To promote, support and assist the organizing of minority workers in the IBEW;
  • To encourage minority workers to be greater activists in community and political affairs; and
  • To be actively involved in AFL-CIO Constituency Groups, human, civil, and women's rights organizations to advance the cause of minority workers


Executive Board Room
15937 NE Airport Way
Portland OR 97230
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