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The IBEW Local 48 Business Office and Dispatch are operating as outlined in the Emergency Hiring Hall Rule Amendment dated March 23, 2020.

Please continue to check the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) UPDATES page on our website (click here to be redirected)  and follow our Local 48 Facebook page.

If you feel that you need in person assistance, please call 503-256-4848. Basic dues may be paid by phone, online or mail. The Local’s staff will continue to serve our membership via phone and e-mail during this difficult time. You can find all staff phone numbers and e-mails under the Leadership Tab of this website. 

"War on Workers: Coronavirus" Webinar 08.03.20

This webinar demonstrates clearly that the pandemic has created new opportunities for the anti-union, anti-worker Trump administration and its corporate allies to step up their decades-long war against workers and our right to organize. The fundamental right to refuse dangerous work and the right to a safe workplace are under extreme attacks. These growing attacks hit particularly hard at low wage workers, workers of color, immigrants and women. These attacks are particularly fierce in the meatpacking industry in small town America where immigrants and people of color make up the majority of the workforce. Many being coerced back to work in workplaces with very high rates of COVID-19 infections and lack of adequate health and safety precautions. Millions of essential workers face these unjust challenges.

At this time, workers are not just fighting back. They are fighting forward demanding justice at work. One of our movement’s greatest messages is “An Injury to One is an Injury to All”. All working people need to support all workers in defending and expanding our right to a more just, equitable and safe future at work and in our communities. Which side are you on?

Please register with Brother Lennie Ellis by email at or by one of our IBEW Local 48 Business Reps or Organizers. See the Leadership page of our website for contact information.

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