Nurse Help Line

Harrison Trust Nurse Help Line

The Harrison Trust provides the Nurse Help Line to help You obtain reliable personal advice about Your health so You can make good health care decisions.

The Nurse Help Line is a toll-free phone service, staffed by registered nurses. No phone trees or automated information - but real medical professionals to help You get answers to Your health care questions. It's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Using Physician-approved guidelines, the Nurse Help Line's registered nurses help You sort through symptoms to find out what kind of help or information You need or what You need to do. Call when:

• You aren't sure how serious the symptoms are and need help to decide whether to go to the emergency room now or the Doctor's office later;

 • You want to know more about a medical test Your Doctor ordered;

• You want to know more about a medical condition;

• You have a question, but don't want to call Your Doctor;

• You would like the nurse to send health care information from their health education library.

For help, call (800) 971-2680. Registered nurses will answer your call. The nurse will ask your name, address and the telephone number you are calling from. If the connection is lost, the nurse can call you back. The nurse will listen to your questions and work through the details with you until you get the advice you need. The nurse may send you information, may suggest a home remedy, or may suggest that you go to the doctor's office, an urgent care center or the emergency room. If you think you have a life-threatening emergency, do not call the Nurse Help Line. Call 911 or go to the emergency room right away.

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