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Oct 24, 2012

Online Dispatch/Dues - Getting Started
Sep 12, 2009

To begin using On-line Dispatch or On-line Dues you will first need to register at a secure website called ISAWeb. Please note this does not require that you register here at the ibew48.com general website. These are two separate websites requiring separate login accounts.


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 Having a dues receipt is helpful as the system validation will require your information exactly as kept on record at IBEW Local 48 member services i.e., your IBEW card number and exact spelling of your name, including name suffixes (Sr, Jr, etc.).

Note the location of your IBEW Card No. as shown below

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Note: This website has been designed for use in the following internet browsers:
Microsoft's Internet Explorer v 7, 8, & 9 (NOT v 10), Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

Breif Overview of On-line Dispatch System

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 Registrants on the Out Of Work List may choose to use a new On-line Dispatch program. Registrants on the books may appear in person to participate in dispatch as before without utilizing this on-line system.

The system consists of the following user components; a secure Internet website, a key pad/printer and a new dispatch screen located at the Local 48 Dispatch Lobby.

• The on-line dispatch website displays available jobs for the Inside/Commercial, Sound & Communication, Residential and Material Handler agreements. Only registrants on the Inside/Commercial and Sound & Comm books may bid on jobs. Bidding simply means prioritizing the jobs you would accept if your position on the books is reached in the next days dispatch. If one of your chosen jobs is still available, you will receive a successful bid notification and be required to appear in person at the Local 48 Dispatch Lobby within two hours to complete necessary paperwork (i.e., verify license or certification).
• The key pad/printer replaces the need to initial the "day sheet". Using the keypad will include you in that day’s dispatch. Other uses include re-signing or registering new on the book. Each time you key-in you receive a time stamped receipt with your dispatch registration information and your last resign date is renewed. You may also void your on-line bids if you later decide to appear in person by keying-in before dispatch begins.
• The dispatch screen in the hall displays the jobs available and the registrants participating in dispatch; both those that have appeared in person and those that have chosen job priorities on-line.

On-line Dispatch and Dues Website
Sep 12, 2009

Hiring Hall Rules/Forms/Changes
Dec 23, 2011

Inside, Sound & Comm and MAI Jurisdiction Maps
Feb 02, 2012
IBEW Local 48 Inside Jurisdiction & Travel Zones Free travel zones as displayed in yellow shaded area. See the Inside Agreement for free travel zone descriptions.
Download: IBEW Local 48 Inside Jurisdiction & Travel Zones.zip

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