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IMPORTANT: Do not bid on jobs without proper electrical licensing, required skills or certification. When picking up your job referral in person at Dispatch you will be required to prove you possess the required skill or certification before being dispatched. All inside wireman calls will require a state electrical license except for project manager/estimator calls. If you can not be dispatched because you lack this proof, the job will go unfilled and harm others qualified to take the call.

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Dispatcher's Report for Monday February 20, 2017

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Contract: Number of Persons Available:
Inside / Commercial         

Book I - 418 Book II - 108

EC - 1 - Portland metro - Various sites - Outside work - Preferred Axix Camera experience - 6 Month drug card - 5 x 8 shift some possible night work - Report to the shop Monday morning - I-9 documentation required - Bring voided check for direct deposit - Call Jennifer after dispatch - Duration unknown
On - 2 - Job is in the Dalles, OR. - TLK1 Data Center - Light Industrial work - Security clearance - Required safety toe boots - 5x8's shift with overtime - Report to the shop at 8:00am Tuesday with all I9 documents - Pre-Employment physical and drug test after orientation - 5 Months duration
Team - 2 - Portland Metro - Various fast paced short duration commercial projects - Need to be self motivated - Most of the work will be off a eight foot ladder - Prefer WA license - 6 Month drug card - Call Mike after dispatch - 5 to 6 Weeks duration
Contract: Number of Persons Available:
Construction Electrician

Book I - 0 

No Calls
Contract: Number of Persons Available:
Sound & Communications         

Book I - 25 Book II - 7

On - 1 - Journeyman call by name: Jeff Young - Report to the shop @ 8:00am Tuesday with all I9 Documents - Drug test after orientation

Number of Persons Available: 


Book I - 0 Book II - 0

Alameda - 1 - Portland Metro - Residential journeyman - Security clearance- Call David after dispatch at 503-319-2192 - Unknown duration
Contract: Number of Persons Available:
Material Handler (Inside Support)       

MH/ST - 315

Mill Plain - 1 - Material Handler call by name: Darien Brown - Report to shop after dispach
Contract: Number of Persons Available:

Book I - 0

No Calls

Miscellaneous Electrical Positions


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Cherry City Safety Manager. For more info click here


Portland Public Schools, Electrical and Electronic shop foreman. For more info click here



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Important Notices

Registrants will not be dispatched without a current state electrical license for the area being dispatched or required certifications

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