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Job Opportunities for Licensed Electricians

Licensed Electricians

Licensed Electricians are in High Demand by Today’s Employers

A thriving U.S. economy means the demand for licensed electricians has never been higher. That’s great news for Journey-level electricians who are ready to seek out new job opportunities in the Portland and Vancouver area.

We invite you to check out any of the 200+ employers currently operating in our area. Research potential employers, find out who is currently hiring, and begin your next exciting career move today!

Learn More About Opportunities for Licensed Electricians

Don't have a license yet? Inquire about starting a new career as an electrician.

Benefits of Working with IBEW Partner Employers

Excellent wage opportunities for licensed electricians.

Our employers recognize the value of a skilled electrical workforce. That’s why IBEW partner employers pay some of the best wages and benefits in the industry.

Full family healthcare at no premium cost to you.

Our employers pay into a health-care trust on your behalf for every hour that you work. The amount they pay funds your current healthcare and your healthcare if you retire before Medicare eligibility begins. These contributions can also build a reserve account to help you pay your insurance if you are ever unemployed.

Three different retirement plans for IBEW Local 48 members.

Our diversified retirement plans are entirely employer funded with no employee match required, helping you plan for retirement and ensure you can provide for your family today and in the future.

Earn vacation pay for every hour you work!

Every licensed electrician working for any of our employers will also have funds diverted from each paycheck to their “Vacation Account”. This savings account is yours to spend however you like. Don’t want to spend it on vacation? No problem. You’ll have access to the cash as soon as it is deposited into your account each month.

Electrician Resources

Please read the document at this link for information regarding the recent change in Oregon Electrical licensing law.

Current Electrician Wage Rates

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