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Code of Excellence

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Code of Excellence

The Code of Excellence is a set of workplace conduct rules developed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), endorsed by NECA, and accepted by Local 48 membership on May 22, 2002.

The program’s purpose is twofold: to inspire a higher level of commitment on the part of union workers, and to demonstrate to customers that by hiring union contractors, they will obtain a more productive, high quality and safety-conscious workforce.

The positive attitude generated in the workforce by this program has resulted in a very favorable response from customers. Another important benefit of the program is that it has led to increased efficiency on the job, which in turn enables union contractors to place more competitive bids.

The Code of Excellence is a program designed to bring out the best in our construction members and demonstrate to our customers that IBEW members:

  • Exercise safe and productive work practices
  • Perform the highest quality and quantity of work
  • Utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum

IBEW Code of Excellence Training

The Code of Excellence training is to convey a strong message that IBEW construction members will:

  • Arrive to work on time, ready and willing to work. 
  • Follow appropriate employer and customer work rules. 
  • Promote an alcohol and drug free workplace. 
  • Work in a safe and healthy manner. 
  • Give 8 hours work for 8 hours pay and ensure supervision has been notified when we need to leave the jobsite. 
  • Respect management directives that are safe, reasonable and legitimate. 
  • Respect the customer’s rights and property. 
  • Respect the rights of our coworkers. 
  • Utilize the skills and abilities we have learned to gain a competitive advantage. 
  • Take care of the employer’s tools and equipment as if they were our own. 
  • Refuse to condone any act of property destruction, including graffiti. 
  • Start work on time, work until the appropriate quitting time and limit break periods to the time allowed. 
  • Use the proper tool for the job while maintaining personal responsibility for our tools. 
  • Only sell merchandise or collect funds as authorized by the Business Manager of the Local Union. 
  • Perform personal business, including cell phone use, during authorized break periods only. 
  • Never participate in job slowdowns, disruptions or activities designed to extend the job or create overtime. 
  • Always strive to conduct ourselves in a way that promotes a positive image of the IBEW.

As with Stewards, IBEW members employed in management/supervision must have knowledge of the Code of Excellence program principles, its relationship to IBEW organizing and overall membership responsibilities to the Brotherhood. Yet, more importantly, members in these roles need to know how effectively managing their jobs will be a corresponding obligation to the Code of Excellence program. IBEW rank and file members honoring the Code of Excellence program will rightfully have similar expectations of Brothers and Sisters in management/supervision, with these being in the areas of:

  • Management responsibilities to the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Total acceptance of supervisory positions and related responsibilities.
  • Communication and cooperation with the job Steward.
  • Employee encouragement but, if necessary, fair and consistent discipline.
  • Job safety, health and sanitation needs or requirements.
  • Ample job layout/directions to minimize down time and maximize employee productivity.
  • Availability and timely delivery of necessary materials.
  • Proper number and type of tools and equipment to ensure job progress.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of tools and equipment.
  • Storage and protection of employer and employee tools and equipment.
  • Employ adequate number of employees to perform efficiently or, conversely, 
  • limit number of employees to the work at hand

Members of NECA declare and proclaim the activities of partnering and Code of Excellence with IBEW are intended to result in well paying jobs to satisfy the economic needs of families including food, housing, health care, education, recreation and economic security in retirement. The purpose of partnering is also to fulfill emotional and physical needs through skilled productive work, respect, dignity and inclusion on challenging yet safe projects. Partnering will also allow labor and management to share new experiences with proper recognition and appreciation to all who participate.

Download the Code of Excellence poster below or click to view all of the Code of Excellence Course Documents.


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