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Aaron Barber-Strong

  • Membership Development

Aaron Barber-Strong has been an IBEW member since 2008, and has most recently been active as the hall’s lead organizer.

He was elected Vice President of the Portland Chapter EWMC in 2010; Chapter President in 2013, and has served as the Chapter Treasurer since then.

Aaron joined the IBEW after working for a non-union contractor. He had become unhappy with the treatment of non-union workers and with the lack of benefits they were often provided. A single father with a young child, Aaron decided to give IBEW a shot as a way to provide medical benefits for his family. Since that day, Aaron has been “completely sold” on union membership.

“My favorite part of being an IBEW member has changed since I started. There have just been layers on top of layers, and I know my favorite part has not even arrived yet.”

Aaron is dedicated to contributing to a stronger, more equitable future for the union and to ensuring that the hall’s growing success is shared by everyone. When asked about his greatest accomplishment, his answer was simple: a conversation that led to someone applying for the apprenticeship program.

“Even after graduation, I got to watch their life grow and continue to grow.”

Outside of IBEW, Aaron enjoys golf, coaching youth sports, spending time with family, and traveling.

IBEW World Record Holder for: “I think I hold the record for most hugs given!”


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