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The Business Office and Hiring Hall will be opening at 10:00 am today. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Harrison Trust Health and Welfare

Harrison Trust Plan Members

If you haven't already, we very much encourage Harrison Trust Plan members to visit the Harrison Electrical Workers Trust Fund Benefit Plans website.  Click on "Access My Account" to register for online access to your account information.  Once registered, you may view the status of your and your family's claims, out of pocket expenses, employer contributions to the Trust since August 2005, demographic information, eligibility, etc.  The website will only show claims paid by the Trust, and does not include claims paid by Kaiser, Providence, VSP or Willamette Dental.
We hope that once you have had the opportunity to see the wealth of information available to you, you will encourage others covered by Harrison to also register and use this very helpful tool.  Much of the information for which the members call our office is available on the website 24/7.  For example, a member can see if his employer contributions have been received by the Trust, or whether their COBRA or partial self-payment has been received and processed.  They can print Explanation of Benefit worksheets (EOBs) or check to see what dependents are showing covered on their account.  
The Harrison website also provides benefit information, plan options, Active and Retiree plan booklets, news and updates, newsletters and important contacts information.  I urge you to check it out!

Online Services

Benesys understands that not everyone can manage their affairs between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm. To address this, online services have been added. Members can go online to look up their contributions, elgibility, Flex Plan balances and claim payments. They may obtain necessary forms online, and complete Plan information. Members are also able to the Benesys office with their questions in a secure manner, at anytime.

Login to A&I Online Services Here.

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