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Sign Up for Our July 2024 Door Knocking Event

With every person who joins IBEW Local 48 we become stronger and better able to secure larger wages when we negotiate with our Contractors. The fact that Local 48 now represents over 50% of the Electricians in the area is why our raises have been really solid over the last 6 years. Every person who does not join, but uses us as leverage to get more money from their contractor, is a win for us too. Without a major percentage of the workforce you can only have so much of a gap between the Union and Non-Union Wage, and continue to be competitive and push the wages further up in the future.

  • We will be knocking on the doors of Non-Union Licensed Electricians who live in the area
  • You will be teamed up with an experienced person who is comfortable having conversations about the benefits of being part of the IBEW
  • We will provide a handout for future members that will go deeper and also as a leave-behind if they are not home

You will be teamed up with an experienced person that will lead the conversations at the door. We need you to be a navigator between stops and to be listening at the door so you can help take notes and evaluate the likelihood of the person joining. You are very welcome to speak if you want at the door and we will have a leave behind flyer as a reference. For each person on your list that joins within 6 months you will receive a $250 Bounty.


IBEW International Shirt Blue with “Remember Only You Can Promote Unions” patch added see image at the top or the 2023 Organizing Tour Shirt. Shirts are male cut sizes.

$250 Bounty Program

Your name will be attached to the 8-12 doors you knocked on that night for the next 6 months after the Blitz. For each person who joins during that 6-month window you will receive $250 for your help in securing Local 48 that conversation opener.

Raffle Fun + Food and Drinks

We will meet at the locations above each night to start out but will return to a nearby location for food and alcoholic / nonalcoholic drinks and hold a prize raffle.

Have questions? Contact Matt Smyth Call/Text 503-875-0164 or Email

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