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2020 Oregon General Election Endorsements

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Within our Local 48 Electrician’s Oregon PAC, we identify candidates and issues each cycle that will best help our Membership secure JOBS. For established candidates, we look at their voting record on Building Trades issues. For new candidates, we interview to find their views on our most important issues. This cycle we have made a point to discuss our issues on Apprenticeship, Prevailing Wage, Infrastructure and Licensing – all key issues to maintaining our strong presence in the construction industry locally.

Our political outreach focuses specifically on work and pocketbook issues. We try to encourage policies at all levels of government to encourage business and job growth. We have identified the following candidates and issues as understanding our issues, and supportive of our goals:

Please click here for list.

First and foremost, please take this opportunity to VOTE. We believe that it is as important now as ever to participate in this democratic process. Please know that we respect your right to vote how you see fit. We don’t appreciate how partisan politics have become, and we will continue to work on both sides of the aisle and seek bipartisan support.

If you have any questions about candidates or political issues, please feel free to contact us. Furthermore, we appreciate and encourage participation in our political activities. If you are interested in participating with your Local 48 Oregon PAC contact Aaron Barber-Strong (503-688-3079 or Again, please take this opportunity to grab your ballot and VOTE!

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