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2024 IBEW Local 48 Texas Hold’em Poker Nights. Come play April 13th . No Buy in. Prizes and Fun. Food and Drinks. Alcohol Served.

We will be hosting a tournament at the Hall. Local 46 in Seattle has kindly loaned us 10 professional tables and chip sets so we can seat 100 people each night.

  • IBEW 48 Members only unless we have extra space.
  • Arrive at 6:30pm. Game starts at 6:45pm. Target end time 11pm.
  • A lottery system will determine who gets in each night to play.

       -You may still get in but the Lottery System is Closed and it is now going to be by order received until full no preference to Local 48 hands which is tracked by automatic time stamp when you fill out the form. We will notify you if you made it in or not within a few days of you filling it out and post when it is full with the time it filled so you can take an educated guess if you remember what time you filled out the form. Example Friday filled in April 8th at 7:42 am and Saturday filled in April 9th at 4:45pm. 

  • Volunteers Needed: A person that volunteers to be a non-playing designated dealer one night will have an automatic spot the other night and will receive a small gift.
  • Alternate card games and standby available: If you don’t get in by lottery or poker is not you, but want to have some fun, we will have other games in the dispatch lobby like Hearts, Spades, Rummy, Cribbage etc.


No Buy ins to the Tournament. Playing for Prizes and Fun Only

  •  You will need one Crisp Dollar(s) to give to the person that knocks you out of the Tournament or let them post your picture in shame on Social Media
  •  Table Winner Prizes, Tournament Champ 1st-3rd Prizes.
  •  Second Chance Side Tables Started for those knocked out early with Prizes

Poker Snacks and Non Alcoholic Drinks Provided

Licensed Bar Service. Cash Only. Near Cost Pricing.

  • No change given. Bring 20 dollars in $1s or be a good tipper
  • Paying for the booze part of your drink by the shot or beer bottle.
  • Alcohol Served 7pm-10pm.
  • Zero Outside Drinks Allowed.
  • Bartender and Table Server reserves right to not serve you.
1 Start 2 Complete

How the lottery will work and how to manipulate the system to play with your buddies: If more people want to sign up than we have space we will roll dice to decide who gets to play at each table. We will roll a blue and a red die. First for each table we will use the Blue die to determine which group we will draw from for the players. The Red die will decide who gets there from that group. So to manipulate the system pick the same combination as your buddies. Either you will most likely all get in at the same starting table or most likely you won't get in that night.

Limited to 100 Members for each Night of the Event. 
*With Limited Spots please sign up committed to participate or return and remove yourself from event if unable to participate to open up spots for others.  
To Participate fill out the form below.

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Save the date for now: Participants will be notified by text April 5th
Have any questions Email Matt Smyth

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