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How Does Reciprocity Work?

How Does Reciprocity Work for IBEW Local 48 Electricians?

When you travel to work outside of your home Local and check in with the outside Local's office to be dispatched, that Local office will notify via the ERTS (Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System) both the participating and home trust fund offices that you are to be dispatched in their jurisdiction (for Health Plan and Flex Plan purposes, you are not considered a Traveler when working in Local 48, 280, 659, or 932).

The Local notifies the participating funds so that they may prepare to transfer reciprocal monies received on your behalf and notifies your home funds to expect to receive the money. When working at a Local outside of Harrison's jurisdiction, there is a delay in Harrison receiving your reciprocity. For example, February work hours will be received by Harrison Trust sometime in April for April coverage. To avoid lapses in coverage when you are traveling outside our jurisdiction, you can pay into your hourly reserve bank. Please contact the Trust Office at (800) 547-4457 or (503) 224-0048 extension 1679 for more information.

In order to ensure that your contributions are reciprocated properly you must register in the ERTS system and when you travel outside of your home Local's jurisdiction. Please be sure to check in at the Local office whose jurisdiction you intend to work so that they may notify the various trust offices.

No Longer Registered in the ERTS System?

If you are no longer registered in the ERTS system ( or no longer have your PIN (personal identification number) please contact your nearest IBEW Local office. They can assist you with this process.

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