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Starlight Parade 2024 Sign Up

2024 IBEW Local 48 Starlight Parade Night of June 1st

We will be participating in the Starlight Parade on June 1 st . The Starlight Parade will consist of a float
with a live band & lighting, Team of Superheroes, Rosie Team Participants, and Members Dressed in
Blue Jeans with IBEW Local 48 Shirts. No Rehearsals Required.

This year the Parade will be run through the RENEW committee and you will be contacted by one of
them to coordinate the event. You will receive emails and text with updates on the event. Currently we
are looking for a new place to park at the end of the route and our starting location has not been
revealed. We might throw out a suggested area to have friends and family gather to watch but we will
not be reserving space for people.

Expect to be there from 5pm to 11pm. We will have sandwiches, soda, and water at the start point. We
will be walking the parade route before the parade starts to greet kids before the parade. They heart
the high fives and pictures from the Superheroes and Rosie that are not available during the parade

Minors in general cannot participate in this event. If no one is absolutely available for a single parent in
costume or we need someone small for a role we have made exceptions for that. The Parade has to be
notified and approve each person and they will not approve under the age of 12.

Check out our Facebook Pages for images and videos from previous years’ fun.
Limited to the first 75 Members. 

*With Limited Spots please sign up committed to participate or return and remove yourself from
event(s) if unable to participate to open up spots for others.  

To Participate fill out the form below.

1 Start 2 Complete

*Arrangements to get T-shirts will be come to Hall Monday-Friday before 5pm or 30 minutes before Union meeting at all locations IF on this list or on event day at the event itself. Rosie the Riveter only if you have our official costume already and Superhero Costumes will be done separately.
Attire Starlight Parade: Red, White or Blue (goal is similar number of each color) Local 48 T-Shirt with Large IBEW Logo, Superhero Costume (Approved by 48 Parade Coordinator), or Rosie the Riveter Outfit from Grand Floral Parade. How will you dress?
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