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Port Westward Unit 2

Port Westward Unit 2

Port Westward Unit 2, a 224 megawatt natural gas-fired capacity resource, went into service December 30 of last year. It is located near Clatskanie, Ore. Port Westward Unit 2 is highly efficient and designed for maximum flexibility in order to meet real-time fluctuations and integrate renewable resources.

The plant utilizes 12 reciprocating engines supplied by Wärtsilä North America. The 25,000-hoursepower 50SG engines are the first of their size to run entirely on natural gas. Port Westward Unit 2 can ramp up to full load in less than 10 minutes, allowing it to compensate for wind and solar variability.

The estimated cost of the project is $300,000,000.

150 IBEW Wiremen were employed by this project.



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