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Kelly Bond

  • Business Representative

Having started with the IBEW local 48 in 1998, I joined the business rep ranks in August 2022. Prior to this, I held a shop steward position for approximately 10 years at the City of Portland, served on three bargaining teams, and I was the Local 48 Public Sector Unit chairperson for approximately 4 years.

Why did you join IBEW?

My journey to the IBEW started with City of Portland employment. I took the leap to being L48 staff as a desire to help public sector members better themselves and work with an amazing crew of people, public and private.

What is your favorite part of being an IBEW member?

My favorite part of being in the IBEW is how caring this union family is with our own, as well as the community, and I get to be involved with paving the way for those that come after me.

Can you share an accomplishment or something you are proud of from your time at IBEW?

I have the honor of being L48’s first Public Sector Unit chairperson.

What are some of your hobbies outside of IBEW?

I change hobbies frequently but my most consistent ones are heirloom food gardening, cooking, travel, and being a softball ya-ya (grandma).

If there was an “IBEW Guinness Book of World Records,” what record would you hold?

I would say being L48’s Public Sector Chairperson emeritus. Thank you for the honor Wayne Chow and L48!

Phone Number: 

(503) 889-3269

Email Address: 

Cell Number: 

(503) 593-2577
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